FEEHA members access points to ponds

Below is an aerial overview of all FEEHA-owned access points for the ponds and interior forest area.  Several of the access points are difficult to navigate because of the topography of the land and overgrowth within the wooded areas.

The easiest access points for fishing or nature viewing is one access point along High Bluff Drive (HOA access lot between 2907 and 2897 High Bluff Dr) and one access point along Forest Edge Drive (HOA access lot between 860 and 850 Forest Edge Drive).  If using these public access points please be courteous of our neighbors and stay along the HOA property boundaries.  The HOA would eventually like to have a small marker identifying the primary access points.  Our HOA committees are working on a master plan to manage these spaces with contributions from the Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources and the City of Coralville.

Primary FEEHA ponds / forestry access points: 

Access to the earthen dam and north pond area is easiest from High Bluff Drive


Access to the south pond area is easiest from Forest Edge Drive

For all FEEHA ponds-related inquiries, please email: